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Trust the LORD in difficulties! – by Tesfom Malake

There are times when we don’t understand what’s wrong and what should we do? There are also times when God seems to be silent to your problems and concerns. There are times when you seem to be without hope and future. What do we do when we face such times in our life? What do we do when God seems so far away and situations overwhelm us? Is that because we are over-ruled by God, like when Jesus cried saying, “My soul is in grief till death.”, or like that when God left him on the cross, crying, “My God my God why have You forsaken Me?”. When we face such situations we should learn after the style of Jesus and apostle Paul to say, let your will be done, and learn to say I am strong when I am weak , the grace of God is sufficient even if I seem over-ruled by situations or God himself as it was with Job of the Old Testament.


The good news is that God is not blind or deaf to you and me and us, he has his own time, “for everything has a season under the heaven”. When the season of your over-ruling or overwhelming is over, the season of your joy, comfort, consolation has come and God has remembered your pain and grief and came to restore your soul.

So, let’s not give up to the situations that may encounter and overwhelm us in this journey of life which may seem to over-power us  and let’s do our best from our side and trust the Lord for his time.

Prayer:  Lord God help me to remember and trust your goodness in whichever situation I may find myself in. In Jesus mighty name, Amen.

About Tesfom

A follower of Christ Jesus and want to tell about the truth of God's love to the people of the world, both Christians and non-Christians.

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