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Renewing our minds – by Renee Melek


We all have certain beliefs and a thinking of right and wrong. But this thinking is different in each one because of which we have most troubles in life. For eg: it is acceptable in India for women to keep their head uncovered in public but in Iran it is an act against the law and disobedience which can land you in prison. To some people eating meat is acceptable and to some it is not acceptable. We all differ at various levels with each other hence we have many conflicts. There is only one solution to this problem. We all need to have the same value system so that we all agree together in unity to what’s right and what’s wrong. We all need to be changed to God’s thinking of right and wrong. Man’s value system keeps changing because man is selfish in nature. For eg: I will expect everyone to be honest to me and will get angry if anyone lies to me but there are times when I will lie in order to save my self from getting into trouble. I don’t stick to my values all the time.

Renewing Our Minds

God is unchanging, He is the same yesterday, today and forever. That’s why we need to come to Him. When Moses did not circumcise his son God sought to kill him even though God chose him to fulfill a great task Exodus4:24 . God doesn’t compromise. Hence we need to change out value system. If God says to love our enemies then no matter what we ought to love our enemies. No excuses. If everyone in the body of Christ follows the word of God then everyone will be like minded and everyone will work in unity towards one goal. None will have any personal interest. We need to change our minds and align ourselves to the mind and thinking pattern of God. We back out but God never backs out. He disowned His own son on the cross when He saw the world’s sin on Him. He will disown us too if He sees unrepentant sin on us. God is good and merciful but He is not unjust. His value system is constant, it doesn’t change. Let’s follow God and live according to His word.

If we are facing difficulty in a relationship or a situation then pause for a while and give it a thought, are you trying to prove yourself right? Are you holding on to what you think is right? Because maybe the other person is right in his own eyes. The solution to the problem is, go to the Bible and see what the word of God has to say in the matter and change the way you deal with the problem and leave the rest in God’s hands. Don’t try to judge the matter because just the way you are right in your eyes the other person is right in his eyes. Let God be the judge.Luke6:37

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